17 Feb 2018

Routine septic system upkeep is important in making sure that your system runs smoothly. However, occasionally mishaps occur and if you don’t pay attention to them you may require emergency septic service. Only credible septic services company are able to address your emergency situation any time and any day. If you are looking for some in Chattanooga area – Chattanooga Septic Systems is ready to fix all your septic needs. Before you contact the professionals, though, it is necessary to make certain it’s truly an emergency situation. Here are four red flags you need emergency septic service.

1. Backed Up Drains And Toilets

If your drains pipes typically aren’t draining pipes effectively and also your commode will not flush, your septic system has a trouble. When your drains are backed up with raw sewer, it suggests an emergency situation. When your drains are loaded with sewage, a negative smell will be released into your house that could be toxic. It is essential to get this backup dealt with today to prevent any type of injury to locals of your house.

2. Flooded Drain Field

If an extra of water is merging in your drainpipe area, there is overflow or obstruction in your storage tank. Raw sewage can spill right into your drainpipe field in these scenarios or in the case of a leak. Raw sewage can be very poisonous as well as cause damage to your home. When sewage floods your drain area, it is very important to obtain it dealt with immediately to avoid damages to your home or business as well as your system.

3. Nitrate Concentration in Water

When you have a well, it’s important to obtain your well water evaluated often. If high levels of nitrates are detected in your well water examination, it’s an indication that your septic system is overly complete. The sewage overflow could leach right into the dirt and also groundwater, making your water toxic. It’s important to handle this emergency situation right now to stop the locals of your house from alcohol consumption polluted water.

4. Septic Alarm system

In some more advanced septic systems, there are alarms to notify you of any problems. Throughout a leakage in the tank or an obstruction in the line, the alarm can go off. If there is an emergency, you will hear your septic alarm go off. When this takes place, it’s time to speak to emergency septic tank solutions.

Choose Professionals

At Chattanooga Septic Systems, we’re pleased to offer 24/7 emergency septic services. Whenever you call – evenings, weekends, or holidays – our team will get there as soon as possible.  Chattanooga Septic Systems is a family owned and operate company that has been serving the Chattanooga area for years. With a rich professional experience, we are serving the needs in both residential and commercial fields. We have the ability to handle all you needs from tank repair to custom septic tank design, septic tanks, sewer line repairs and much more.

If you have checked and found any of the red flags described above, don’t wait until it gets even worse – call us and get complete peace of mind.


05 Oct 2017

When it comes to septic systems in Chattanooga, you may have to options- DIY projects or calling a septic professional. As you know, septic tank capacity is limited so it has to be pumped every three-five years. Why? Routine septic pumping prevents serious problems and also messy backups, which can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. This solution ensures your septic tank is operating appropriately, so your residence is devoid of possible sanitary issues. Nevertheless, it needs specialized tools and abilities that just a specialist could provide. Below are some of the reasons why you need a septic professional in Chattanooga to care for your septic tank.


Septic waste contains pathogenic bacteria, viruses and chemicals, so it’s in your interests to keep away from  any type of contact with it. Professionals from Chattanooga Septic Systems are educated to operate carefully around open septic systems, and equipped with safety gear and any special tools to prevent waste from entering into contact with their and your bodies.

Effective work

Chattanooga Septic Systems is a specialized company and with many years of experience we provide the best service and effective work in Chattanooga area. Our team  can complete the work rapidly because it are geared up with powerful suction houses and trucks with high-volume storage tanks. The solution is likewise more economical compared to what you may need to pay to clean sludge out of your house.

Accordance to Law And Regulations

All of our qualified professionals are licensed and insured, which suggests they work in accordance to law and regulations set in Chattanooga. If your system is damaged during the septic pumping procedure, you could feel confident that the team will comply with the laws and also insurance standards governing equipment repairs and replacements.

Extensive Knowledge

Do you know that oils, grease, as well as fats can harden and also obstruct the pipes if you put them down the drain?  Do you know what can and cannot be flushed?  Our professionals have extensive knowledge of all kinds of septic systems to provide complete servicing for your particular needs.  In addition to pumping your tank, septic specialists could provide ideas and advice that will help you avoid comparable issues in the future.

Can Enhance System Performance

Routine septic pumping could extend the life of your storage tank and also improve its efficiency. The solution protects against sludge buildup that could lead to clogging and system failure. Routinely removing solids from the wastewater can likewise safeguard the absorption area, so it remains to function effectively.

If you want to save time and money and be completely confident of the service quality, it is no doubt that you need a septic professional. For reliable septic repair, call us today.


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19 Sep 2017

Your septic tank helps to take all the wastewater from your residential or commercial building and separate solid particles from it, where it is then processed by your drainpipe field. Since the septic tank is one of the most vital components of your septic system, it’s essential to understand the state of your  tank and also take care of regular maintenance. Nonetheless, there might additionally be times when your septic tank simply isn’t really designed to manage your septic requirements anymore and new tank installation is the most effective solution.

When It’s Time For A New Septic Tank?

To find out whether you need to have a new septic tank installed, or can go with a simple tank repair, it is a good idea to consider these 3 important factors.


While the age of your septic system isn’t really constantly a shaping factor that you require a new tank, it can definitely be something that is worth your attention. If your septic tank parts are starting to show signs of wastage and looks rusty, a brand-new septic tank installation might be a wonderful alternative to prevent future problems.


Damage to your septic tank can be found in all shapes and sizes. Whether there is a broken filter system or a crack in the tank, knowing when it is better for you repair tank or replace it is good to bear in mind.  Changing a damaged septic tank will certainly help to make sure that you will not face the old problems from a previous repair work.


If your septic tank is also too small to deal with the wastewater coming from your residence or place you own for commercial purposes,  it’s certainly time for a new septic tank installment. You want your septic tank to be as efficient as possible, so the new septic system setup will certainly assist you get the very best outcomes.

Do you still doubt whether you need a new septic tank or not? If so, or if you have any other various questions about the work of your residential or commercial septic system, do not waste your time. Call professionals from Chattanooga Septic Systems. 


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24 Aug 2017

There is only one thing even worse compared to requiring septic repair — having a real septic emergency service. When you are ankle-deep in wastewater due to the fact that your septic tank is backing up, you don’t have time to find out where to ask for septic repair work. This is why it is always a great idea to have a septic systems company in Chattanooga that you have actually already developed a relationship with in mind.

Why? Just think about it. Throughout the year you use so many services for yourself and your family, and commonly you go to the same provider every time. For instance, you may have a family doctor, favored hair stylist, handyman, and also other contacts securely stored in your smartphone or an address book. Having a septic repair service firm get in touch with is no different. Actually, it may be more vital.

It is not just necessary to have a septic company you can trust ready to deal with a septic emergency situation. You must deal with them often in order to maintain your septic system in its best condition. This indicates regular pumping, cleaning and inspection to ensure that you could be able to stay away from any emergency situations cause by septic tank poor condition or bad maintenance.

At Chattanooga Septic Systems, we – the team of certified professionals –  intend to be your go-to septic repair and maintenance service. A family owned and operated Chattanooga septic company that has been serving the Chattanooga area for years, we strive to serve your needs in both residential and commercial fields including septic tank pumping in Chattanooga TN. We have the ability to handle all you needs from tank repair to custom septic tank design, septic tankssewer line repairs and much more.  You can rely on us 24 hrs a day to be there for you in a case of emergency.

Have a septic issue? Call us now! 

27 Jul 2017

Not every house has access to a municipal drain system that eliminates waste and also takes it to a treatment plant. For houses without a connection to the sewer system, a septic system instead deals with the job of treating wastewater to eliminate sludge as well as residue from it and afterwards sending out the clear water down right into a drainfield.

If your house uses a septic system, you have to ensure that the tank, drainfield, and also pipelines continues to be in good repair and also obtain routine pumping and also routine upkeep. But regardless of exactly how well you care for your house’s septic tank, the storage tank or pipes may need repair works from time to time. When you discover indicators of problems with the septic system in Chattanooga, get in touch with our septic experts today for fixings.

Red flags

Slow-moving drains pipes around the house: A single blocked drain is often simply clog in the drain, such as from hair or food waste accumulation. Yet when you observe that drains around your house are slow-moving, beginning with drains pipes in the cellar as well as first flooring, there is most likely a backup in the septic tank or a damaged pipeline.

Sewage entering your residence: As quickly as any sewer appears in your home through the drains pipes, do not wait to contact experts for fixings.

Foul smells from the yard: If the septic system or its pipelines begin to leak, you’ll observe undesirable drain odors as well as soaked spots on your grass or various other parts of your house. This can also take place as a result of failing in the drainfield.

Intense green grass: Leaking sewer contains a high level of nutrients that will get in the soil as well as cause yard to start to grow faster and also develop a brighter green hue. When you discover this occurring over the area of where the sewage-disposal tank is buried, it’s something for experts to check into.

Chattanooga Septic Systems  provides a wide range of septic tank services, including repairs, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

It is obvious that any city with homes, schools, hospitals and restaurants needs a septic wastewater treatment technology. About 25% of the U.S. population uses septic systems, and at least 10% fail annually; up to 70% fail in some regions. In fact, that wouldn’t happen if the single most important step was made –  regular maintenance for ensuring that a system continues working over time.

If correctly set up and preserved, septic systems are efficient in dealing with domestic wastewater from restrooms, kitchen drains and washing machines. However when these systems are neglected and improperly maintained, the wastewater may not be adequately treated. This can put neighborhood members’ health at danger by polluting neighboring drinking water wells or lakes, streams, and rivers. To repair or replace the broken septic system is very expensive and can cost as much as $7,000 or more – much more than the few hundred it would cost every three-five years to have the system examined and pumped out.

Frequently, the system owners may not understand that they are accountable for maintenance, or that doing so can save thousands dollars over the long-term and help protect the financial climate in their house. They may be unaware of  where to go and ask for help or at least useful information. Failure to preserve their system can let sewage enter the rivers, ponds, or lakes and even kill fish and these are the issues of concern for the city.

How a Septic System Works

In a conventional septic system, wastewater flows from a household or other establishments through a pipe to a watertight container that’s buried underground in the yard, usually a concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene tank. As the wastewater sits in the tank, the solids in the water settle to the bottom (forming sludge), and lighter materials, such as oil and grease, float to the top (forming a scum layer). The remaining liquid wastewater flows out of the tank through a pipe and into a drain field. This liquid is referred to as septic tank effluent. The typical drain field is a shallow, excavated area, also in the yard, usually consisting of trenches with perforated pipes, and gravel or other porous materials that are covered by a layer of soil. The effluent flows into the perforated pipes and spreads throughout the drain field, then percolates down into the soil where microorganisms remove contaminants and impurities.  Septic maintenance involves periodically removing (pumping out) the contents of the tank and inspecting the drain field, and should be done by a licensed septic system professional. If too many solids build up in the tank, the incoming wastewater does not have time to settle, and the solids can escape into the drainfield and clog the soil pores, inhibiting the soil’s ability to treat the effluent.

Nowadays, septic tanks are widely used by many people and can be a great solution when choosing an efficient water treatment system.

These are just some of the advantages of the septic system.

  • The maintenance of the septic system really saves your money.
  • You need a small area compared to other water treatment systems.
  • Water quality is under your control.
  • People who use it do not need to be extremely trained because their system is simple and easy to run.
  • It is an excellent option for rural communities, buildings, parks and motels.

So to anyone who needs certain septic services, take care of your health and money and invest in your future by setting a septic tank.