3 Important Things To Know Before New Septic Tank Installation

Chattanooga Septic Systems
October 11, 2017

Are you having a professional contractor to install a new septic tank for your property?

In this blog, we’ll discuss some tips and things to know before getting started.

Why should you install a new septic tank?

Living in the rural areas can be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolis. However, it also means that you have to forego certain services such as connection to the main sewage pipe. For such areas, a septic tank can be the perfect solution as it acts as a mini-sewage treatment plant.

If you own or intend to move to a house where there is no connection to the sewage line, you should consider installing a septic tank. Septic tanks store oil, fat, waste water, and scum that is flushed down the sink or toilet in the home.

Here are a few factors that you should consider before buying a septic tank for the house.

1. Local laws and regulations

Before installing the new septic tank, it is important that you find out about the local rules and regulations. You do not want to invest a large sum in installing a septic tank only to find out later that it does not conform to local zoning laws or codes relating to septic tank installation.

In order to avoid this prospect, it is important that you visit the local permit office to find out about the required rules and regulations.

2. Lids and risers installation

Installing the lids and risers is recommended, as it can later help in servicing of the septic tank. They bring the tank up to or just above the ground level. Keep in mind that in some localities, installing risers on the septic tanks is not optional but in fact mandatory, according to local regulations.

The initial cost of the lids and risers will be more than worth it in the end as it will cut the time and cost involved to identify and dig up to access the tank for pump outs in the future. Also, hard or frozen ground will make it extremely hard—if not impossible—to access the septic tank.

3. Inspect the surrounding landscape

Before installing the septic tank, it is important that you inspect and remove anything that can damage the septic tanks. Bushes and tree roots can cause major damage to the water pipes so they must be removed.

Trained septic tank installers (like the ones at Chattanooga Septic Systems!) will know what can damage the septic tanks and take the require steps to solve the problem.

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You should considere the above mentioned three things before installation of a septic tank as it will save you a lot of cost and headache later on. Once the septic tank is installed, you must have it pumped out every three to five years. The family size, tank capacity, and whether or not you use a garbage disposal, will determine the septic tank pump out schedule.

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