How Do Residential and Commercial Septic Systems Differ?

Chattanooga Septic Systems
October 18, 2018

If you have ever before got quotes for a residential septic system as well as a commercial one, you probably saw a fair bit of distinction in rate. It is a typical blunder to assume that these septic systems are identical and also should cost the same. Right here are a few ways in which they differ, to help you understand why two points that work on the same basic principles could vary.


A detached house typically offers adequate space for the sewage-disposal tank and the drainpipe field. This is not always the case with commercial septic systems. There may not be any space at all for the drainpipe field, requiring the installation of a vertical system for proper wastewater management. There may also be other effluent pre-treatment factors entailed, so that breakdown can occur much more quickly.

Tank Size

It goes without saying that a greater number of people visit commercial buildings like offices, schools, universities, supermarkets and so on. That's why, the septic system should deal with a greater amount of waste compared to a residential building where an average family lives. This directly influences the size o a septic tank - its capacity issues become an important consideration when choosing tank size.

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