Is Your Septic System Too Old To Function Properly?

Chattanooga Septic Systems
June 3, 2021

When sewer begins backing up into your residential or commercial property, or you can't seem to do away with that horrible odor in the backyard, then it might be time to hire a specialist from Chattanooga Septic Systems to replace your septic tank. Before making the decision to remove the old tank, our specialists need to do a comprehensive inspection to recognize exactly what is incorrect with the tank. When we find the concern, we can then determine what the most effective course of action to take.

First Steps: Figuring Out Exactly What the Problem Is

If sewer is backing up in your home, we need to figure out why. One technique of doing this is to open the lid to the septic system as well as see where the water level is. If the water is greater than the designated layer, then the problem is in the tank. If the water is too low, then there may be an issue elsewhere in the pipes.

We recommend pumping the tank initially, which will certainly clear it and give the system a fresh start. It will also help us identify what is going on. Keep in mind, pumping the tank can fill the absorption area (A.K.A., the drainfield), so the process might be slow. If we discover obstruction, then we can eliminate it and get the system flowing again. If, nonetheless, it's more than blockage, then the focus comes back to your septic tank.

When to Repair the Tank

A lot of septic tank problems can be fixed really fast despite of what you may have heard. For instance, standing water or a nasty odor might simply be triggered by a busted pipe. We would need to change the pipe, re-establish the link, and get the septic tank running again. The backup can also be happening someplace in your house. Chattanooga Septic Systems specialists may need to flush the system to get the water streaming once more.

When to Replace The Tank or Its Components

If it seems that all the other possibilities or solutions are tried and the septic system still isn't functioning, then it's clear that all or part of it needs to be upgraded or replaced. Although it is always a last resort, it may be required to change the tank to ensure that the entire pipes system is flowing smoothly and also your lawn is not saturated with sewer.

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