Main Septic Systems Questions From Chattanooga Clients, Answered!

Chattanooga Septic Systems
September 17, 2018

In Chattanooga, septic systems are quite common in many houses. However, some homeowners may not have much knowledge about how they work and what is their main function. Chattanooga Septic Systems have been operating in this area for years and have great experience and also professionals to serve your septic needs in both residential and commercial fields. Thus, we have compiled a list of main questions from our clients. Here we go!

1) What actually happens during a septic pumping service?

Chattanooga Septic Systems does not just "pump and run". Throughout a correct septic pumping procedure your technician will note the general condition of the system and levels in tank. This helps to identify potential septic system issues. Then, we will pump the whole septic system down, removing all of the fluid and solid waste. Once pumping is finished, we will check the inlet and outlet tees to the tank to ensure they are still undamaged and functioning correctly. If you have a filter, we will clean it of any kind of build up. If you are at home at the time of service (absolutely not required if that's not your thing),  the homeowner may be asked to plush the toilets to ensure every little thing is moving correctly.

2) Should I use bacteria additive products?

Yes! Microorganisms should exist in the septic tank in order to damage down and digest the organic solids. Today, households utilize a large range of anti-bacterial soaps, cleaning agents and fluids. While these regular household products do a fantastic task eliminating unwanted bacteria in your house, they additionally ruin valuable bacteria that your system requires in order to function effectively.

3) Will there be odors while and/or after the septic tank pumping?

There could be smells right away after the septic pumping service, however they must not last long. The odors are usually outdoors and will disperse a few hours. If you notice any odors in your house, do not hesitate to contact Chattanooga Septic Systems. This could be an indication of an upcoming septic back up!

4) My pipes are starting to drain very slowly, is it the septic system?

Possibly. If your septic has not been serviced in more than 6 months, you would certainly need to have it inspected first. If the issue does not disappear, a drain cleaner will then be sent out to clear the line to the septic tank.

5) Why do I have more than one cover?

A lot of septic tanks have two-three covers; one over the inlet side of the tank (where the water from your home enters the tank), one in the center of the tank, and on the outlet side of the tank (where the liquid from the tank leaves to your leach field). The inlet and the outlet covers will be exposed during the septic service to inspect the lines thoroughly.

6) Is it OK to use a garbage disposal?

No. Chopped food particles do not break down in the septic system as well as could make their way out into your leach area lines causing clogs. Garbage disposals,  even those marked septic safe, are not recommended for any septic system.

7) What does a septic filter do?

Filters maintain the hair, grit and grime from getting out into your leach area lines. A filter goes on the outlet tee of your septic tank and would function as a strainer, keeping all solid huge bits in the tank and therefore OUT of your leach field lines.

8) What to do if I want a new septic system?

First of all, call your septic company and have them perform an appropriate septic inspection. An accredited examiner is the one who can state that your system has stopped working. There can be small or significant repair services depending on the reason the system has actually failed.

9) What if I can't afford a new septic system?

Chattanooga Septic Systems could examine the problem of your septic system and provide you with several options. There are ways to extend its lifespan and conduct some repairs avoiding the installation of an entirely new system.

Hope we haven't missed anything. If you haven't found the answer to your question above, feel free to check our blog - there a lot useful posts to guide you in a right direction. Moreover, Chattanooga Septic Systems professional are always ready to provide you with more information regarding the septic systems - just contact us!

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