Septic System - Simple Do's and Don'ts

Chattanooga Septic Systems
March 6, 2017

Your septic system is a powerful tool designed to give you many years of service. But like other systems within and around your home, it can become overwhelmed with use and misuse. It’s essential to understand that there are several simple do's and dont's following which you will save your time, money and health.


✓  Do have septic pumping service frequently. The components of the sewage-disposal tank ought to be pumped every 2 to 3 years or when the the total depth of sludge and scum exceeds one-third of the liquid depth of the tank.  If the container is not cleaned periodically, the solids are brought right into the absorption field. It causes quick clogging; early failing follows and ultimately, the leach area needs to be replaced. Moreover, pumping your septic tank is less expensive than replacing your leach field.

✓ Do keep the records of septic pumping service and septic system maintenance.

Do limit the water usage.  Septic tank capacities typically differ from 750 gallons to 1500 gallons or even more depending upon the amount of rooms in a house. Saving water is a proactive step you can take to prevent overwhelming of your septic tank.

 Do limit chemical usage.  Your septic tank consists of various microorganisms that assist process as well as dissolve solid waste. These bacteria are active and help to delay the frequency of pumping-out the system. Ultimately, the chemicals will go through the filter of your leachfield and contaminate the groundwater.


✘ Do not flush the materials which are hard to decompose, such as hair, diapers, cigarette butts, matches, or women hygiene products.  This may make you septic tank clogged. 
✘Do not ignore quick grass growth around your drain area. It means that there's maybe a leak which conduces generation of bacteria and creation of manure.
✘ Do not plant trees near your sewage-disposal tank or drainpipe field. Deep rooted trees and shrubs can penetrate your pipes and chambers and strangulate the discharge flow.
✘ Do not ignore a poor odor since it implies that something is incorrect.

✘ Do not enter your tank and start any work by yourself. Gases generated in the tank and/or oxygen depletion can be fatal.
If you follow these simple tips, your septic system will serve you long and faultlessly.  For any other actions that require professional knowledge and experience, contact Chattanooga Septic Systems for great service and continued result!

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