Septic System Threats And How To Avoid Them

Chattanooga Septic Systems
May 10, 2018

Because of septic system location (which is typically underground), it's very easy to fail to remember it's even there. Actually, you don't have to be thinking about the septic system all the time. If it's in an ideal condition, remembering about regular pumping and maintenance is quite enough. However, there are some threats connected with your septic system.

Septic System Threats

While countless threats could cause damages to your system (like parking on a drainfield), there is one area that creates the most harm to people: your septic tank.

Incorrect air flow  leads to explosive environments within your tank. As the germs in your tank break down solid products, they generate organic gases. With poor ventilation, these gases continuously build up and create methane backups.

Additionally, the naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide converts to sulphuric acid when meeting wet surfaces. If the tank has a concrete cover, acid eats away the structure over time. Ultimately, the lid can not bear weight and may collapse, possibly with you on it.

With all the processes underground, septic tank safety and security are crucial. Knowing the threats and how to avoid them keeps you and also your family protected.

5 Septic Tank Safety And Security Tips

Don't get scared. Knowledge is power. You can easily prevent septic tank dangers by following appropriate handling as well as septic tank safety tips.

1. Use Sturdy Septic Tank Lids

Such lids not only provide an easy access for regular maintenance measures and inspections, yet septic system risers and also covers also do not allow for easy walking or standing on the lid. Marking the septic tank with a cover is especially essential for households with kids. In addition, look for a septic system lid that could not be easily removed or moved.

Knowing how and where your septic system is located are just crucial: not only necessary for pumping as well as accessing tank lids, but also laying out the flow of your yard. When possible, aim to guide traffic away from the top of your septic system and tank. Not sure where the tank is? Check previous Chattanooga Septic Systems post. 

2.  Never Work On a Septic Tank Alone

With build-up in methane gases, leaning over or breathing near an improperly ventilated tank could be enough to cause physical harm. Never stay alone next to the septic tank. A person near you might feel a smell you hadn't and help if you need assistance.

3. Never Enter the Tank

Unless you are a septic expert, never ever enter the septic tank. Experts from Chattanooga Septic Systems have training and breathing equipment configured to address the threats of getting in septic tanks.

If a person falls into the tall, immediately call emergency services. If possible, blow fresh air into the tank using fans and don't try to enter it.  Without the proper equipment and training, you'll just create a dual-rescue scenario.

4. Keep Flames Away

Methane gas is extremely flammable. Keep all flames and also fire starters away from your septic tank and system, including cigarettes. Tiki torches, fire pits, and fireworks should never be in the same area as the septic tank.

5. Maintain Surrounding Areas Clear

There shouldn't be any debris, potential hazards and even tall grass.

Debris and also tall grass hide the septic riser, making it easy to step on the top of your system without knowing. Some  tall grasses, shrubs, and trees damage the structural integrity of your septic tank. Only plant septic risk-free plants and trees when landscaping as well as clean the territory quickly after the storm.

When digging and landscaping, watch for pipes, electrical or mechanical lines vital for a safe, operating septic tank. If you discover any subjected lines, call a Chattanooga Septic Systems professionals immediately.

Though rarely, septic tanks may constitute a threat to your health and even life. However, they are avoidable with septic tank safety understanding. Always know where your septic tank is, keep up with regular maintenance to avoid gas buildup, and always clearly mark the septic tank lid.  Think your septic system requires an inspection? Not sure where your septic system is? Or notice something off or an unpleasant smell? Call Chattanooga Septic Systems to take care of it professionally.

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