Septic Systems in Chattanooga Rental Properties

Chattanooga Septic Systems
July 17, 2018

The process of searching for a new tenant should be treated seriously. Usually landlords carefully scrutinize their credit scores, paying capacity and previous landlord recommendations. On the other hand, potential renters study house information like rooms, typical energy prices, storage and car parking. Yet, nobody ever speaks about where your homes' waste goes. So, what should proprietors as well as tenants learn about septic systems in rental properties?

Septic Systems in Chattanooga Rental Properties

Septic systems are widely used throughout the US - 1 in 4 households rely on them, so the possibility of coming across a rental property with a septic system is relatively high. If your home, whether  you're a tenant or its owner, is just one of this 25 % of residences, you have actually a few added obligations compared with a house on the municipal waste management program.

Septic Tips for Chattanooga Landlords & Owners

Accommodations fall under the duty of a Landlord and septic system maintenance may be considered as a part of that duty. But this does not mean you have to deal with the cost of repair work-- or even pumping. It's essential to separate the areas of concert between a landlord and a tenant and get agreements down in writing. Right here are a few things to think about when renting out a residential property with a septic system.

  • Septic Tank Pumping

It is recommended to pump the septic tank every three-five years. Usually this is the landlord's responsibility. Nevertheless, you could include it into the price of the rent but notify your potential renters about it.

  • Solving Septic Issues

Similar to any problem with a rental residential property, tenants should contact their landlord to examine the issue. From there, payments and repair service costs can be separated based upon who is at fault. If the issue arises due to improper septic system use or maintenance, the Landlord could require repayment from the tenant.

Nevertheless, this only works if the Landlord has actually done their Due Diligence of informing the tenant their residential property is equipped with a septic system in addition to providing them with the proper instructions. Renters may simply have no idea of dealing with a septic tank, so it's responsibility to make them aware.

  • Landscaping

Septic Systems aren't simply sensitive to just what tenants do inside the residence; landscaping can harm the system too. If your tenant is responsible for landscaping, make sure they are familiar with the layout of the septic tank, types of plants allowed to plant there and the location of the septic system. As the landlord or rental property owner, it's your responsibility to inform your renters.

Septic Tips for Chattanooga Tenants

Prior to moving in, tenants should do their research. If you've never lived in a residence with a septic system, learn about simple septic system do's and don'ts, like what you cannot flush down the toilet, how washing agents influence it and so on.  Ask yourself, which of your bathroom habits should be changed? Are there any hidden or extra costs?

Talk about all these aspects with your landlord to know who covers the cost of probable damages and who is responsible in emergency situations like floods and heavy rains.  While your everyday behaviors could promptly change, ensure you are comfortable as well as fully-aware of your septic responsibilities before moving in and signing the agreement.

To ensure the comfort and peace of mind of both tenants and landlords it is important to conduct a septic tank inspection before renting the property. Chattanooga Septic Systems offers septic installation, septic tank pumping and septic repair in Chattanooga and the surrounding area. Chattanooga Septic Systems hires only the most highly qualified professionals with the expertise to detect and fix any septic problem you might come across. Have any questions? Contact us and we will be more than glad to answer any of them!

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