Septic Tank Installations


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Having a new septic system is simple in theory, but it’s actually an incredibly complex application; it takes years of hands-on experience to become a professional. Chattanooga Septic Systems services Chattanooga, we have been installing new septic systems for many years, and continue to explore new ways to improve our techniques and efficiency.

With the right equipment for large and small installations alike we are up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations pertaining to the installation of your septic system

Septic Installation in Chattanooga

Septic installation is one of the most important components to home construction and maintenance. A poorly installed septic system can cause major problems for your family. It can cause sewage backups, wastewater flooding into your yard and may even cause legal trouble for not following safety regulations.

We provide septic installation, septic repair, septic tank pumping and septic inspection services for families and businesses in Chattanooga and surrounding cities.

If you are building a home in the Chattanooga area, or are looking to replace your current septic system, we have highly trained professionals ready to provide the best service for your family or business. There are many considerations to keep in mind when planning your septic installation.

Drain Field Location

The drain field is the area where the effluent wastewater is slowly disposed of into the underground soil. Choosing the correct position for the absorption field is vital. Installing drain pipes in the wrong location could mean more frequent septic repairs and septic tank pumping, system failure and even environmental contamination.

Avoid areas near well water or land that’s too close to swamps or streams. If wastewater leaches into these areas, the drinking water of your home and your local community could become unsafe to consume. Rocky or uphill areas may cause wastewater to pool around the pipes rather than drain into the soil, causing frequent backups and clogged pipes. It’s always best to have a professional help find the proper areas to install your family’s septic system.

State and Local Codes

Regulations vary depending on the state and city in which you reside. Our team at Chattanooga Septic Systems has a lot of experience working with Chattanooga ordinances, so you can be sure that your new septic system meets all of the local laws and codes. Properly installing tanks and pipes ensures that your family avoids any legal issues and can pass septic inspections if you ever decide to sell your home.

Proper Sizing

The size of your septic tank is very important. If the tank is too small, severe damage could be caused from backups and clogged pipes. This means you will be required to perform septic inspections and septic tank pumping much more frequently and potentially increase the amount of septic repair work needed to keep your system functioning properly.

So what size tank should you get? As a rule of thumb, the typical septic tank holds a minimum of 1,000 gallons or 1 ½ times the average daily wastewater produced by your household. Some also use the number of bedrooms as an indicator for tank size. If your Chattanooga home has three bedrooms or less you need at least a 1,000 gallon tank. Four bedrooms require 1,200 gallons and 6 bedrooms need 1,750. Other factors might need to be taken into consideration as well. How often do you have house guests and large events like birthday parties and holiday celebrations? How many showers, dishwasher loads, laundry washes and toilet flushes a day happen in your home? If you aren’t sure what size to get, the professionals at Chattanooga Septic Systems can help you find the best solution.

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