Springtime Cleaning For Your Septic System

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March 13, 2018

Springtime cleaning of your septic system is a vital task to contribute to your to-do-list if you have a septic tank at your house.  While septic tanks can be effective and east to use, cleaning and maintenance is needed to stop possible emergency situation. Septic tank springtime cleaning doesn't necessary have to be  a complicated task, yet it is a required one, so add it to your checklist of springtime cleaning tasks.

What Springtime Septic System Cleaning Should Include?

Why is Spring Septic System Cleaning Important?

Septic tank cleaning is important for many factors. The primary factor cleaning your septic system is necessary is to guarantee that you septic tank lasts as long as it can in excellent condition. For instance, you could compare a septic tank to a car. If you carry out the proper maintenance on an auto each time when it needs it, the chances that your vehicle will stay in good condition for 10 to 15 years rise. Nevertheless, if you disregard your auto as well as do not provide the maintenance it requires, the car is more probable to break down and also have significant mechanical issues. The same applies to the maintenance of a septic tank. If you do not do the correct upkeep, the price to repair the resulting damages could be as high as thousands of dollars.

When to Clean

Septic tank spring cleaning must be made a routine part of your springtime cleaning checklist. Nonetheless, the system must not be cleaned and also pumped up until late springtime or very early summertime for the best results. Late springtime is the optimal time to clean the system because that is the moment of year when the ground conditions are most conducive to doing the needed upkeep appropriately.

How Often to Clean

The regularity of required septic tank cleanings relies on a variety of different aspects. Mainly this will certainly be determined based on the number of people living in the house as well as the average water use of the household. Typically, a thorough septic system cleaning should be performed every two to 5 years. Nonetheless, for a family members that uses extra water than typical, septic cleaning might should be done much more frequently. For a family members that utilizes much less water compared to typical, the cleaning can be done less often.

Tips to Avoid Constant Cleanings

Septic tanks need to be cleansed because of the accumulate of sludge and solid waste which includes not just stool, but also bathroom tissues and toilet paper. Excessive amount of toilet paper or the usage thick or bulky toilet paper can cause the need for even more regular cleanings. Different detergents and cleaning agents could also cause septic systems problem since the soaps eliminate the bacteria that have to exist in the septic tank to keep it balanced.

Consequently, there are some great septic tank tips you can exercise to avoid constant cleanings:

1. Check if the toilet paper you use easily dissolves in water. A thicker paper that takes a long time to dissolve is more likely to cause a backup in the system or a clog. This type of toilet paper also takes up more space in the tank.

2. Cut the water usage in everything that you do. Keep in mind that every single day this water gets to the septic system. The procedure of purification in the system prior to it launches liquid parts of waste right into the groundwater is a somewhat prolonged procedure. Therefore, if you use too much water, you can create an overflow in the system as well as the water will certainly begin to leak out.

3. Avoid using garbage disposals. It can the use area in a septic system by 50% of the average. While the bacteria in the septic system will eventually break down the solids dispelled from the home through the disposal, this too is a lengthy process.

Finally it's spring and time to take care of your septic system. At Chattanooga Septic Systems, we have actually provided septic tank pumping and other services for a number of homeowners and businesses.  Long life in this industry is only possible by doing high quality work for our customers. You can trust us for complete, which includes being there for you in an emergency situation.

Not sure whether your septic tank requires cleaning? Our specialists are ready to give you a consultation and inspect the septic system as soon as possible. Just contact us today!


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