Washing Agents And Their Influence On Your Septic System

Chattanooga Septic Systems
November 23, 2017

Have you ever thought how washing agents influence your septic system? Septic tanks are an essential component of your house and different conditioners could endanger the proper functioning of your septic system. However, it is easy to avoid costly repairs if you understand the implications of making use of fabric softeners and other agents.

Septic Systems

Many homeowners discover that their septic system stops working due to a lack of knowledge how it functions and how to maintain it properly. One of the compounds that causes failure in the septic system is liquid fabric softener. Inning accordance with the Owner's Manual  for Onsite Wastewater Equipment, liquid types of fabric softener should not be used;  nevertheless, dryer sheets are allowable. Depending upon the size of your house, septic system replacement can range in cost and complexity.

Damaged septic systems have the potential to contaminate household water supplies. The EPA recommends flushing your septic system every five years to avoid malfunction. If you are unsure whether your septic system works properly, Chattanooga Septic Systems provides inspection and all types of septic system repairs.

Plugged Soil

Usually, the problems with septic systems occur when the soil bed (the area outside the home that catches the septic products that move from the septic tank) ends up being clogged. Fabric softener used in washing machines has been shown to plug the dirt in septic tanks, causing breakdown and eventual failure.

What To Use Instead?

Washering filters are sometimes able to prevent an excess fabric conditioner residue, dust and various other bits from entering the septic system. All of these compounds, consisting of perfumed bleaches, have the possible to block the system. Among the best options is to use dryer sheets instead of fabric softener. They work in a similar way, adding softness and fresh-smelling fragrances to your clothing.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), advises that fabric softeners should not be used at all, recommending instead using plain chlorine bleach if necessary.

Preventative Measures

Control the frequency and volume of your washes. Doing a too much load of washing at once can overwhelm your septic tank. Try to do your washing consistently instead of periodically. Doing one to two lots daily, as opposed to 15  a week, will spare your septic tank tension and strain.

Septic system is vital for the health of your house. It can be effected by various factors, and your laundry as well.  For anything from maintenance to emergency repairs – if it relates to your wastewater treatment system, Chattanooga Septic Systems takes care of it for you! Don’t wait around for your septic service, call us now!

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